Un manager semplicemente “MAGNETICO”: la ricerca, i brevetti, il successo di Andrea Bassi
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A simply “MAGNETIC” manager: the research, the patents, the success of Mr. Andrea Bassi

The attention is simply turned to a “magnetic” Manager: the search, the patents, the success of Mr. Andrea Bassi make me particularly proud to tell this story because it is a totally from Emilia Romagna, of Castelnovo Sotto (RE – Italy) to be exact, and because the proposed products are revolutionary, innovative, unique in the world. In addition, Bassi proved to be brilliant and farsighted: he already contacted me with very clear ideas, i.e. “I need  brand positioning for one of my products”. After a while, gathered the right information, I was just as clear in mind: I was about to deal with something exceptional.

His has been an uphill journey and not without obstacles, he did not have any help to achieve its objectives. He has to say “Thank you only to himself and to his father who, although he did not encourage him, but he did not deny him the free use of an old garage to give a place to what was then only an idea of ​​a company. Many years have passed since that day and Mr. Andrea Bassi, now 45, is leading an international company, leader in the field of magnets: claddings, floors, visual communication, sensors, collectors for electric motors thanks to products he himself patented and with popular customers like Adidas, Aran Cucine, AlpinestarsBarilla, BremboCalzedonia, Costa Crocere, Carl Zeiss, Ducati, FCA, Finmeccanica, Hugo Boss, Leroy Merlin, LohmannMax Mara, Motor Power Company, Nidec CorporationPiaggio, PommierGruppo Pozzoni, Gucci, Scavolini, Tetra Pack, Te SensorVolvo.

The “Bassi Group International” does not betray, despite the success across the border, the origins of its owner remaining firmly anchored to the territory of Castelnovo Sotto, in the province of Reggio Emilia. First the “RD Europe Group“, in 2002, then “CompoTechCo” up to the MagFace and MagClack patents. Bassi has made so much of it from that old garage but, at the same time, has never put aside the humility, strength, courage and perseverance that made him winning yesterday as today.

I grew up thinking that I would make chicken burgers – he says – or carried on my father’s business. That company was my kindergarten: there I grew up cared for by many mothers or by the many workers present. My father, in reality, he has never desired that future for me because he wanted to save me from the hardships it entails. A thing, however, I have always held essential: I wanted something of mine, so much so that at the age of 18 I had already created Naming: I.R.P.A. Industria Reggiana Prodotti Avicoli – Reggiana Industry of poultry products for my future hypothetical company. After graduating, without telling anyone, I travelled abroad because I thought it was essential for a serious professional growth: it was supposed to be a holiday and instead I stayed a year to learn as much as possible “.

Back in Italy, he started a new career dealing with the purchasing office of a company producing electric motorsMotor Power Company:

For 8 years I played that role growing day by day thanks to the curiosity that has always distinguished me: I wanted to know all the products that were submitted to me, I studied them in every part to fully understand both the uses and the potential”. 

In this way, more ideas had come across Mr Bassi’s head:

I asked my employer at the time (who now has become a client of Mr. Bassi) to be able to play a different role in order to have new incentives but my proposal was not accepted. Then I decided that the moment had arrived: I had to make the leap, leave the company and open something of my own “.

Armed therefore only of courage and personal convictions he gave life to his company proposing himself first of all as a supplier of his ex-employer and investing every little profit in research and development of the magnet’s world. The first was born in 2002, the “RD Europe Gruop“, today leader in Italy, focused on the development of magnetic solutions to support the electric motors industry, followed by “CompoTechCo“, founded in 2007 dealing with magnetic systems for the industry, specialized from sensors to magnetotherapy, from automation to closing systems, “MagPro” first and “MagFace” then, respectively dedicated to visual communication and the only world-wide system for dry magnetic laying with zero compromises for floors and coatings of any size. ”

It is thanks to the continuous research that I have been able to patent my products – explains Mr. Bassi – able to change look several times and at any time to walls and furniture without the use of nails, glues or drills talking about” MagPro “, or floors in the case of “MagFace“, all in only one millimeter thick and in total safety “

Of “MagFace” Bassi is understandably particularly proud:

“It is a product that I have studied for a long time and brought to Cersaie, the Bologna International Exhibition, not as an exhibitor but presenting it to the major ceramic producers in the sector through a self-produced book: so I meet Mapei who, despite telling me ‘we are doomed’, he is still my technical partner “.

And Mr Bassi certainly does not want to stop now, even if he does not want to go into details, he anticipates that:

“On the site there are new patents that, I believe, once again they be able to respond to the needs of numerous customers”.

But, it is natural to ask, how much has this professional success “cost”?

“So much,” answers Mr Bassi, “but for some years I’ve been trying to find a compromise between work and family: I have to enjoy life a little because it’s only one and it’s time to find time to spend with my nephews and with my mother. My father, unfortunately, is no longer with us and I have suffered, and I still suffer a lot: if on one hand he did not want me as entrepreneur, on the other he taught me fundamental aspects such as respect for others and discipline. Also, I want to think about myself:  I love dancing and traveling, activities that put me in direct line with my emotions, I want to live and compare myself in order to continue to grow every day “.

Santo Domingo- Photo Courtesy Andrea Bassi

How can young entrepreneurs emerge in an increasingly competitive and digital-oriented market?

“Specialization is essential, the knowledge of the product in each micro component. We need to try and try again, we must arm ourselves with constancy, patience and a spirit of sacrifice because often things are not easy at all and it is particularly difficult to keep up with the times. I experienced it by myself, skeptical towards Web marketing until I met VG Brand Management that opened my eyes: it brought me to the digital world, amplifying the potential for the diffusion of my product “.

Shortly, starting from the end of June 2020, all the brands and patents of Mr Andrea Bassi will be launched on the main Social and related websites will be completely restructured making available to visitors a network governed by “Bassi Group International” with specific internal subdivisions by specialization every single company and its products. This is an important investment that shows how much the group pays attention and is oriented towards the future. The work will finish towards the end of 2020 and, in the meantime, we invite you to follow the company news on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the products and initiatives of this important reality of the Reggio area that has chosen to rely on VG Brand Management.

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